The Mobile Gaming Market Is Expanding – Amazing Rescue Game Is the Latest Contribution

A lot of industries, right from newspapers, travel agents to booksellers did not notice the change that has taken place around them due to digitalization. But that business suffered a setback as consumers opted for options that offered high level of convenience at affordable prices. In the recent times, free-to-play games and mobile devices are flourishing and are contributing a lot. The entertainment industry is sprouting and consumers are talking with sheer attention and also taking care of their wallets. Mobile gaming has spread its wings all over the world.
To be precise, iOS and Android have given a chance to the game developers and the start-up mobile development companies to survive. With the growth of the mobile gaming industry, more and more passionate players are expected to take interest in gaming and boost the revenue generation. Mobile gaming is here to stay
Amazing rescue is a splendid mobile game that involves first person shooting and you can play it on your wide screen Android device by applying the law of Physics and Optics. So, don’t you think it’s a learning initiative? Exactly it is. This game has been developed keeping in mind the children who need to learn science in an interesting way. Discovering the little flaw
Right now, in touchscreen gaming there is no physical controller. For instance, if you play game like Angry Birds or Temple Run, it’s pretty fun but what if you play a first person shooter on your smartphone? There are lot of discussion about mobile versus console gaming but most people consider this as an ‘either or’ situation. So, neither of them will be replaced in the days to come. You can compare it to just how television and video did not wash out big screens. Mobile and console gaming both will co-exist but mobile gaming is sure to undergo immense advancements and gain huge popularity.
A delicate yet effective marketing tactic is preferred
Based on a recent survey, the revenue generated from mobile gaming is expected to double in the next four years from $1.78 billion in 2013 to even more than $3.77 billion in 2017. Mobile gaming industries face a lot of challenge. Each of the users contributes to revenue generation. The game developers as well as the publishers are always under pressure to increase their audience base and compel the gamers to shell out money on the virtual items. You need to be careful about applying aggressive marketing of your game as it can turn off users; instead you need to strike the right balance, a delicate one.
Play the amazing game
Now are you ready to enjoy the Amazing Rescue game? The game can be played in various levels where the first preliminary levels are free and then you need to pay for moving on to the next 10 levels. Yes, one you gain interest, it’s worth spending money.

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