3 Exciting Free Online Multiplayer RPG Games

With almost thousands of Free Online RPG Games being release online every now and then, it is really quite a task for a player to choose and interesting bug free game. So to make the task more bearable we listed down 5 new and exciting free multiplayer online games.


This game is developed by JoyImpact for Windows, it is categorized as an epic fantasy RPG game. The main story is about five nations that compete against each other to have power over Arcan a central city.

Battles are usually done through massive castle sieges, relic thefts and custom battle fields and creating war on a scale that is pretty new to MMORP games. Each fighting nation is ruled by a player called “Lord Marshal”, its power is garnered from its support on a guild regime.
Playing Aika you will be welcomed with over 1,000 guests, hundreds of monsters to fight and own, and a list of unique and detailed play areas. There are also a lot of class to choose from, you can either play as a Warrior, Paladin, Rifle Man, Dual Gunner, a Warlock or a Cleric.


This game is developed by NDOORS, which brings back classic turn-based game play and combines it with good graphics of combat and character play. This kind of game play offers each player the chance to plan out a strategy on every move of the nine members in the group.

For a bigger battle players of three can form a team of 27 playable characters and they can also hire eight mercenary each with different skills and fighting techniques.

The main quest of the games is to destroy the Oriharukon Energy, a powerful sensor from Atlantis that is destroying the world. This quest will bring the players in settings around the globe, including the ancient civilizations from Korea to the Indus Valley in India as well as North America and the Pyramids and also Angkor Wat.


This is a 2D Fantasy game developed by NetDragon Websoft which is playable in Windows. This is a fast paced game which is good for some of our players who easily gets bored. There is also a pet system in the game which lets you hatch your own Eudemons to help you in your battles.

Players can carry two eudemons with them at once, with over 30 eudemons available the variety of powers in just endless. There are three type and fifty kinds of gems available to collect, which has various effects and powers. They increase your attack or strengthen your defense.
There are three playable classes in the game you can play as a warrior, which has the strongest melee damage, the magician which is capable of massive amounts of damage and the Paladin a hybrid of the warrior and the magician.

If these games don’t suit your tastes, there are still countless of available free games online. Just search for it online or visit other free online games sites.

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